Public Service


You may be eligible to purchase service credit for prior employment with a public service agency prior to becoming a member of VCERA.  Public agency is defined as:

                1.  Any department or agency of the United States government, including active military service.

2.  Any department or agency of the State of California, including school districts.

3.  Any city or county within California.

4.  Any public corporation, municipal corporation, or public district which is situated in whole or in part within Ventura County.

5.  Any local agency formation commission.

6.  Any department or agency within the District of Columbia.

Service credit cannot be purchased for any public service employment that entitles members to a pension or retirement benefit from public agencies. Retirement service credit for purchased public service will be credited in the same retirement plan in which you were placed at the time of membership in VCERA. Current safety members who were general members at the time of membership may receive safety credit for the purchase only if the time being purchased consisted of active law enforcement, active fire suppression, or active service in the armed forces of the United States during a time of war or national emergency.

The cost to purchase public service is the sum of twice the contributions that you would have made to VCERA for the length of time you are purchasing, based on the contribution rate and compensation at the original date of your membership in VCERA, plus the interest that would have accrued on those contributions since the date of membership.

Public service purchased is not included in determining when you become vested or meet the minimum eligibility requirements to receive a retirement benefit through VCERA.

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