Optional Deductions


Optional Deductions

You may request the following optional deductions be taken from your monthly VCERA benefit:

  • Federal and California income tax withholding. (If you elect no withholding, you are still responsible to pay all applicable taxes.)
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance premiums.
  • Membership dues in the Retired Employees Association of Ventura County (REAVC) or SEIU.
  • Charitable contributions approved by the Board of Retirement, such as the Health Care Foundation for Ventura County and United Way.
  • CalPERS long-term care insurance.
  • Any other deduction approved by the Board of Retirement.

To start, stop or change a voluntary deduction, you must directly contact the applicable agency(ies). However, changes to your federal and state tax withholding must be made via VCERA by completing the applicable form.

Deductions may also be taken from your monthly benefit if VCERA is served with a court order for the following reasons: spousal support, child support or wage assignment levy from the Internal Revenue Service.


Medical Insurance

VCERA does not administer retiree health benefits and thus cannot answer questions about such plans. For information on your eligibility in the County’s medical, dental and vision care plans, contact the Ventura County Human Resources Department at (805) 662-6791.