Board Governance


Board Governance

The Board of Retirement appoints an Administrator to oversee management of all retirement benefit and accounting functions. The Board of Retirement contracts for investment management, asset custody, investment performance evaluation, financial audit, actuarial, and other services necessary for the proper administration of the retirement plan, in accordance with the provisions of the Retirement Law.

Board Bylaws and Regulations


Board of Retirement (Revised 2016-09-12)
Chair (Revised 2016-09-12)
Vice Chair (Revised 2016-09-12)
Retirement Administrator (Revised 2016-09-12)


Actuarial Funding (Revised 2012-05-21)
Appointment and Election of Trustees (Revised 2012-12-17)
Assigned Portable Electronic Devices (Revised 2015-06-15)
Board Policy Development Process (Revised 2016-09-12)
Business Planning (Revised 2015-06-15)
Compensation Review
Conflict of Interest Code (Revised 09/12/16)
Education and Travel (Revised 2016-05-02)
Travel Expense Reimbursement Template (v. 2016-05-02)
Interest Crediting (Revised 2015-04-20)
Monitoring and Reporting (Revised 2016-09-12)
Placement Agent (Revised 2010-12-20)
Senior Managers Evaluation Performance
Service Provider Selection (Revised 2016-09-12)
Trustee Communication (Revised 2013-06-17)

Investment Policy Manual

Containing the Total Fund Investment Policy Statement, Asset Allocation Policy, and Manager Guidelines

Investment Policy Manual (Revised 02/27/17)

Board Education

Board Member Education for Calendar Year 2015
Board Member Education for Calendar Year 2016
Board Member Education for Calendar Year 2017


Original Board of Retirement of VCERA Resolution, dated March 6, 1946
VCERA Board of Retirement & Ventura County Board of Supervisors Adopted Resolutions and Ordinances
VCERA Management Employees Resolution, dated February 6, 2017
VCERA Resolution Re: District Status & Application Of Govt. Code Section 31522.10 In Ventura County
VCERA Pensionable Compensation Resolution, dated November 17, 2014
Tax Compliance Regulations Resolution, dated January 25, 2016
Resolution of the Board of Retirement of VCERA Pertaining to Regulations of Internal Revenue Code 415 - Annual Limits
Resolution of the Board of Retirement of VCERA Similarly Situated Members of Group. or Class of Employment
Resolution of VCERA Board of Retirement Authorizing Employee Absences Due to December 2017 Fires