Board Governance


Board Governance

Through the Retirement Administrator, the Board of Retirement exercises oversight of VCERA as prescribed by law. The Board also abides by a broad governance framework that is reflected in numerous bylaws, regulation, charters and policies approved by the Board. Click on the links below to view these documents.

Board Bylaws and Regulations

VCERA Bylaws & Regulations
VCERA Bylaws Attachment A - Disability Procedures
Regulations for IRC Code 401(a) Distribution Restrictions (11/25/2016)
Regulations for IRC Code 401(a)(9) Required Minimum Distribution Rules (11/16/2015)
Regulations for IRC Code 401(a)(17) Compensation Limit (11/16/2015)
Regulations for IRC Code 401(a)(31) & 402(c) Rollovers (11/16/2015)
Regulations for IRC Code 415 Annual Limits (11/16/2015)
Regulations for IRC Code 401(a)(36) Normal Retirement Age (11/16/2015)
Regulations of VCERA for Establishing an Employee-Funded Annual COLA for Tier II Members (03/08/2005)


Board of Retirement (Revised 09/12/2016)
Chair (Revised 09/12/2016)
Vice-Chair (Revised 09/12/2016)
Retirement Administrator (Revised 09/12/2016)


Actuarial Funding (Revised 02/23/2015)
Appointment and Election of Trustees (Revised 12/17/2012)
Assigned Portable Electronic Devices (Revised 07/02/2018)
Board Policy Development Process (Revised 09/12/2016)
Business Planning (Revised 07/02/2018)
Compensation Review
Conflict of Interest Code (Revised 07/02/2018)
Education & Travel Policy (Revised 06/18/2018)
Interest Crediting (Revised 04/20/2015)
Monitoring and Reporting (Revised 09/12/2016)
Placement Agent (Revised 12/20/2010)
Senior Managers Evaluation Performance
Service Provider Selection (Revised 09/12/2016)
Trustee Communication (Revised 06/17/2013)

Investment Policy

Investment Policy (Revised 05/20/2019)
Asset Allocation (Revised 05/20/2019)

Board Education

Board Member Education for Calendar Year 2018
Board Member Education for Calendar Year 2017
Board Member Education for Calendar Year 2016
Board Member Education for Calendar Year 2015


Resolutions and Ordinances Adopted by VCERA Board of Retirement & Ventura County Board of Supervisors
Resolution re: Non-Vested $27.50 Supplement Benefit Termination (12/10/2018)
Resolution re: Authorizing Employee Absences Due to Dec. 2017 Fires (01/08/2018)
Resolution re: Similarly Situated Members of Group/Class of Employment (12/13/2017)
Resolution re: Regulations of Internal Revenue Code 415 - Annual Limits (03/27/2017)
VCERA Management Employees Resolution (02/06/2017)
Resolution re: VCERA District Status (01/25/2016)
Resolution re: Tax Compliance Regulations (01/25/2016)
Resolution re: Pensionable Compensation (11/17/2014)
Resolution re: STAR COLA (10/04/2010)
Resolution re: STAR COLA (04/28/2008)
Ordinance Establishing VCERA (03/06/1946)