Member Resources

Active VCERA members are working towards a secure financial future.

Active Member Resources

VCERA defines an Active Member as one who is currently making retirement contributions while actively employed with the County of Ventura or contracting district. Active Members can be brand new members, or long-term members ready to turn in their retirement applications.

Deferred VCERA members are waiting to receive their lifetime monthly benefit.

Deferred Member Resources

A Deferred Member is a member who leaves active VCERA membership and is either not eligible to retire or chooses not to retire, leaving his or her member contributions on deposit. Deferred Members are eligible for a lifetime retirement benefit from VCERA once they meet the retirement eligibility requirements.

VCERA provides retirement and continuance payments to eligible members and beneficiaries.

Retirees & Beneficiaries

A Retiree is one who is receiving a lifetime monthly benefit.

A beneficiary is one who is receiving a retirement continuance, or one who has not yet received a death benefit.


Life Events

VCERA will be there with you through all of life’s changes. Be sure to keep us updated with name, address, and beneficiary changes during your membership. Your VCERA benefit is a community property asset, so you will need to provide us direction on division following a divorce, legal separation, or dissolution of domestic partnership. VCERA also provides your survivors and beneficiaries support after your passing.


Pension Calculator

The VCERA Retirement Benefit Calculator has been created to assist you in your retirement planning and is based on the Unmodified retirement option of a service retirement. If you are within 5 years of your retirement date, we suggest that you go to the Forms Section of our website and get a Request for a Retirement Benefit Estimate.


New Employee Orientation

VCERA participates monthly in New Employee Orientation hosted by the County Executive Office, Human Resources Department. On the first day of orientation, VCERA presents an overview of membership, service credit purchases, reciprocity, and retirement parameters.


Planning for Retirement

Quarterly, VCERA participates in Making the Most of Your Retirement Savings, hosted by County Executive Office, Deferred Compensation. VCERA presents an overview of the retirement process, benefit calculations, COLA, and guidelines.

Future presentations are scheduled on the following dates in 2017:

November 9