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Board of Retirement Elections

Oversight of VCERA is vested in the Board of Retirement, which consists of the County Treasurer, four appointees of the Board of Supervisors, two members elected by General members, one member elected by Safety members, and one member elected by Retired members. The Board also includes one alternate Safety member, one Alternate Retired member, and one Alternate appointee of the Board of Supervisors.


Active Members

VCERA’s active members are current employees of the County of Ventura, Ventura County Superior Court, Ventura County Air Pollution Control District, Ventura Regional Sanitation District and VCERA who have not retired yet. Click on a subject in the left sidebar to learn more about being an active member.


Deferred Members

VCERA’s deferred members are former employees of a VCERA-participating employer who have not retired yet and have left their retirement contributions on deposit. Deferred members are vested and therefore eligible to receive a lifetime benefit from VCERA once they meet specific eligibility requirements.

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Retirees & Beneficiaries

VCERA’s retired members are former employees of a VCERA-participating employer who receive a lifetime monthly benefit from VCERA. Beneficiaries are individuals designated by a VCERA member/retiree to receive survivor and/or death benefits after his or her death.

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Life Events

VCERA has a long-term mission and will be there through your major life events. Whether you are updating your beneficiary designation due to a change in marital status, dividing your retirement benefits in divorce proceedings, or deciding how to handle your retirement contributions after terminating employment, VCERA will be ready to provide you with educational resources and exceptional member service.


Pension Calculators

VCERA’s two pension calculators were created to assist you in your retirement planning. You will be asked to select your benefit tier and to supply your projected age at retirement, years of retirement service credit and final average compensation. The unofficial benefit estimate generated by the calculators will be based on a service retirement and an Unmodified Option election.

If you are within five years of retirement, download an Estimate Request Form to request an official benefit estimate.


New Employee Orientation

VCERA participates in a monthly New Employee Orientation (NEO) hosted by the County of Ventura. On the first day of orientation, VCERA presents an overview of membership, benefit tiers, service credit purchases, reciprocity and retirement eligibility.

Click here to view the current NEO presentation.

Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement

VCERA participates in quarterly retirement workshops called “Making the Most of Your Retirement Savings,” hosted by the County’s Deferred Compensation Plan. VCERA presents an overview of the retirement process, eligibility requirements, benefit calculation factors, retirement planning tips and more.

You can view VCERA’s Retirement Planning Workshop video on this page or on YouTube.

Click here to download VCERA’s “Choosing the Best Retirement Date” fact sheet.


Alameda Decision Information

This page will be a repository for updates and documents related to the Alameda Decision and its implementation. To learn more, click on one of the news items below.

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