Purchasing Service Credit


Purchasing Service Credit

Several types of prior service may be purchased and included in your total years of service credit. Purchasing service can increase your retirement benefit and, in some cases, allow you to retire earlier. VCERA offers two types of service purchases: prior County/District service and prior public service.

For purposes of vesting and retirement eligibility, purchased County/District service counts toward these VCERA milestones, but purchased prior public service does not.

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Excluded Service

You may purchase retirement service credit if you previously served in a County or district position that was excluded from VCERA membership, such as:

  • Extra Help or part-time service prior to January 1, 1992, or
  • Pre-membership period between June 30, 1979 and July 10, 1999.

Medical Leave

You may purchase retirement service credit for unpaid personal medical leaves that occurred during your membership. For medical leaves prior to April 25, 2004, you must provide documentation indicating you were unable to work due to a personal medical condition. Intermittent leaves of absence and leaves to care for family members may not be purchased.


Redeposit Prior VCERA Membership

You may redeposit retirement contributions that you previously withdrew from an earlier period of membership in VCERA. To restore your forfeited retirement service credit, you must redeposit all previously withdrawn contributions plus the interest that would have accrued on those contributions had they remained on deposit since your date of withdrawal.


Public Service

You may be eligible to purchase service credit for employment in a public agency that occurred before you entered VCERA membership. “Public agency” is defined as: