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The VCERA Member Portal is a password-protected, self-service web portal where you can conveniently view key elements of your retirement account. The portal is designed to give VCERA members up-to-date access to the retirement information most relevant to them:

  • Active and deferred members will be able to check contribution balances, verify beneficiaries, read VCERA correspondence and run personalized ben­efit estimates.
  • Retired members will be able to view monthly payment summaries, print tax statements and update mailing addresses.

The member portal will be launched in phases. Over the coming months, VCERA will mail members detailed instructions on how to register and use their portal accounts (see Quick-Start Guides on right).

If you need additional assistance, please contact the VCERA Member Portal hotline at (805) 677-8700 or send an email to For all other member requests, call VCERA at (805) 339-4250 or send an email to