Disability Reassignment


When you apply for disability retirement, you can also indicate your interest in a disability reassignment, which would enable you to continue employment in a position compatible with your permanent work restrictions. Doing so would allow you to continue receiving employment benefits and earning retirement service credit until you are ready to retire for service.

If you believe that you may be able to perform duties of another position within your range of capabilities, and if you would like to work with the County or other VCERA employer to find a suitable position, you can elect the “Reassignment” option on your disability application. If your disability is granted and you accept a lower-paying position, VCERA will pay you a disability reassignment allowance that minimizes (or eliminates) the difference between your previous salary and your new salary. As an active member, retirement contributions and taxes would apply to your new earnings.

Safety members who are rehired in a non-Safety position will retain their Safety status. For additional information about disability reassignment, please contact VCERA.

Please consult VCERA prior to accepting another position with your employer before the Board of Retirement makes a determination on your disability application, as doing so may adversely impact your application.