Deferred Retirement Benefits


If you have five or more years of service credit, you may elect deferred retirement status when you separate from County or District service. If you elect a deferred retirement, you must leave your accumulated contributions on deposit with VCERA. You may rescind your deferred retirement election at any time and withdraw your contributions by providing written notice to VCERA.

If on deferred retirement, you will become eligible to begin receiving your retirement benefit from VCERA at the time you would have first become eligible to retire had you remained continuously in County or District service as a full-time employee.

The monthly retirement benefit will not start automatically when you become eligible to retire. You must file an Application for Retirement prior to your desired retirement date in order to begin receiving benefits.

If you are on deferred retirement status and are rehired as a regular employee with the County or District, you will return to active membership in the same tier you were in during your previous service. To be eligible for rehire, you must be separated from service for 180 days, unless the Safety exception in GC 7522.56 is met. You will accrue the same benefits and retain the original membership date and entry age for determining your employee contribution rate. This applies to General Service Tiers. If you were a Safety member and are hired as a General member, contact VCERA for more information.