Alameda Implementation Status Update – Dec. 2023


VCERA staff has provided the Board of Retirement with three Alameda Implementation status updates since October 2023. Highlights from those status reports include:

  • The total number of Alameda Implementation corrections exceeds 13,000. (This total refers to the different corrections by type, not the number of members affected.) When categorized by pay exclusions, there are 6,100+ corrections involving PEPRA Exclusions (i.e., “excluded” and “situational” pay codes and leave straddling) and 7,800+ corrections involving Alameda Exclusions (i.e., flex credit and leave donations). Many member accounts will require multiple corrections in the above categories, and each correction may affect multiple pay periods. The total number of impacted members is not yet known, as additional account review is needed.
  • Phase 1 of the Alameda Implementation involves calculating pensionable earnings and member contributions. This phase is projected to last from May 2023 to approximately September 2024. Phase 2 involves staff calculating retirement benefits and processing refunds with interest. This phase will last from approximately September 2024 to at least September 2025. The overall project timeline may require changes due to VCERA staffing needs and revised timelines from third-party resources.
  • To complete Phase 1, VCERA partnered with several third parties, including the County of Ventura, Vitech, MBS and Simpler Systems, to perform historical data corrections and to enhance technologies prior to Phase 2 calculations. Each third party fulfills a different role in developing, testing, calculating and delivering various data points to VCERA.
  • VCERA recruited four fixed-term employees to assist with the Alameda Implementation directly or indirectly. The employees will begin their training in January 2024.
  • Staff will begin manual Alameda calculations for VRSD member accounts in January 2024. Affected members will be notified in writing before any account adjustments are made.

VCERA will post additional updates about its Alameda Implementation as the multi-year project progresses.

Status Update to Board - 10/23/2023
Status Update to Board - 11/20/2023
Status Update to Board - 12/18/2023