Retiring from VCERA


Before filing for retirement, log in to your VCERA Member Portal account to run benefit estimates, and be sure to speak with a Benefits Specialist about your plans. These resources will be very helpful in your retirement planning.

If you meet the age and service eligibility requirements of your benefit tier, you are ready to file for retirement. You must complete and return VCERA’s Retirement Application Packet within 60 days of your retirement date. The packet includes:

  • Application for Retirement
  • Beneficiary Designation Form
  • Direct Deposit Request Form
  • Federal and State Tax Withholding Request

Please follow the instructions on the forms and enclose all requested documentation, such as copies of your birth and marriage certificates and photo identification. If you are married, your spouse also must sign the Application for Retirement.

If you are a reciprocal member, contact the applicable agency(ies) at least 90 days before retiring. For reciprocal benefits to apply, you must retire from all retirement systems on the same day. A VCERA Benefits Specialist can help explain this process.

VCERA’s monthly retirement benefits are payable throughout the lifetime of you and your eligible beneficiary, depending on the retirement option you elect. There are no restrictions or conditions applied to your benefits, such as Social Security income, state of residence, etc.

Your first retirement check will be mailed or direct deposited 30-90 days after your date of retirement, although certain factors, such as reciprocity, could cause a delay. VCERA issues its benefit payments on the last business day of each month. Please set up “direct deposit” to ensure the efficiency, convenience and security of your monthly payments. Click here to learn more.