Leave Straddling FAQs


The Alameda Decision excluded from Legacy members’ pensionable earnings payments for annual leave redemptions (i.e., vacation buydowns) that exceed what “may be earned and payable in each 12-month period” during their final average compensation (FAC) period. When multiple leave redemptions from two calendar years are paid in a 12-month period, the total redeemed hours in that period may exceed their redeemable calendar-year hour limit. To comply with Alameda, VCERA must remove these “excess” hours from members’ pensionable earnings used to calculate their FAC, which could affect their retirement benefits.

VCERA has produced frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help educate members on this complex subject. Please click on the links below to learn more. You can also click here to view the Alameda Decision FAQs and Glossary.

Leave Straddling FAQs
VCERA v. CJAAVC, et al. Court of Appeal Decision
VCERA v. CJAAVC, et al. Presentation by Nossaman