Alameda Administrative Appeal Process


VCERA has created the Alameda Administrative Appeal Request Form to provide members who are affected by the Alameda Decision with the opportunity to appeal VCERA’s corrections to their retirement accounts. Corrective actions could include removing certain pay items from a member’s final average compensation (FAC), refunding retirement contributions overpaid to VCERA, and reducing monthly retirement benefits.

Members are permitted to file an administrative appeal with VCERA only if:

  • A member’s excluded pay items were “compensation earnable” under the law and therefore includable in FAC.
  • VCERA’s calculations or other numerical data provided in the “VCERA Account Correction Notice” were incorrect.
  • A member retired before the effective date of the law that VCERA applied to him/her.

All members affected by the Alameda Decision will receive written notices before any account correction occurs, along with information on how to file an appeal. Appeals must be filed within 30 days of the postmark date of the notice. For members who file an appeal, VCERA will provide a written determination concerning the appeal within 60 days of receipt.

To learn more about the Alameda Decision and the appeals process, go to

Alameda Administrative Appeal Request Form
Board Resolution Re: Alameda Administrative Appeal Policy (11/28/2022)