Maeve Fox
General Member Trustee

Board Member

Employee Member elected by General Members

Initial term start: 06/14/2017
Current term end: 12/31/2018                                                       

I have been employed as a Deputy District Attorney since January of 1990. I came up through the ranks of the office as a trial attorney in the misdemeanor, domestic violence, narcotics, sexual assault and homicides units. Working with victims I became sensitive to the needs of people who were at their most vulnerable.

In 1994, I joined the fight to create the Criminal Justice Attorney’s Association, organizing the District Attorney’s and Public Defender’s into a bargaining unit.  I have been the president of CJAAVC for over 15 years, where I have participated in the union battles waged against government employees, such as pension reform and constructive receipt. I want to dedicate the final years of my service to using my skills and knowledge to improve and protect the rights of all Ventura County employees and retirees.