Alameda Decision Information & Updates


March 27, 2023 Upcoming Board Meeting: Alameda Flex Credit Resolution

At the upcoming March 27, 2023, VCERA Board of Retirement meeting, the Board will be reviewing a proposed Resolution to implement the exclusion of in-kind benefits per the California Supreme Court’s July 30, 2020, ruling in ALAMEDA COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFF’S ASSN. v.  ALAMEDA COUNTY EMPLOYEES’ RETIREMENT ASSN.  The Resolution defines what portion of allowances received under the County’s flexible benefits program may be included in compensation earnable for “Legacy” members (hired before January 1, 2013) if the Resolution is later adopted at the April 17, 2023, meeting.


Alameda Decision Implementation Update from Retirement Administrator, Linda Webb

Dear County Employees & VCERA Members,

On October 12, 2020, the VCERA Board of Retirement will be considering a matter of general interest and importance to VCERA members regarding the impact of the California Supreme Court Alameda decision on VCERA. You may have received an email containing two letters from the County on this topic.