Your Rights & Responsibilities


The County Employees’ Retirement Law states that individual records of members shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed to anyone except as may be necessary for Plan administration, upon order of a court of competent jurisdiction, or upon written authorization by the member.

Your retirement account information will be provided to you upon verification of personal information. You may also obtain information by visiting VCERA in person (with photo identification).

Correspondence and Forms

All documents, forms, inquiries and requests that require a signature must be signed by you. No person may act on your behalf, including your spouse or parent, except as permitted under an authorized Power of Attorney (POA). The POA terminates upon your death. If a guardian or conservator has been appointed for you, only the named guardian or conservator may act on your behalf. A certified copy of the filed court order of appointment must be filed with VCERA.

Address Changes

Please be sure to keep your address current with VCERA. For active members still working, that is done by keeping your address current with your participating employer. For retired or deferred members, you must update your address in writing, or through the VCERA Member Self-Service (MSS) portal. You may also request a Change of Address Form from VCERA or print it from the VCERA website.