Unmodified Retirement Allowance Benefit


The Unmodified Retirement Benefit provides the highest monthly benefit possible under the law. It is paid during your lifetime as a retiree and provides a 60% lifetime continuance to an eligible surviving spouse.

An eligible surviving spouse is either:

  1. Married to you one year prior to the effective date of your retirement; or
  2. Age 55 or more and married to you two years prior to your date of death, as long as you did not elect an optional retirement benefit.

If there is no eligible spouse, the continuance may be payable to your unmarried children under age 18 or through 21 if they remain unmarried and are regularly enrolled as full-time students in an accredited school.

At the time of your death, if there is no surviving spouse or minor child(ren), and the total retirement benefit you received does not exceed the total accumulated contributions on deposit at the time of your retirement, your designated beneficiary or estate will be paid the remaining balance of accumulated contributions in a lump sum.