New Members


Event: New Regular Employee

  • New Hire
  • From Optimum Census Staffing (OCS)
  • From Extra-Help
  • From Per-Diem Pool


Attend a County Human Resources New Employee Orientation for an overview of County benefits. If your work schedule is 40 hours per pay period or more, you are now eligible for:

  • Flexible Benefits Program (enroll within 31 days of eligibility)
  • Optional term life insurance (best to apply within 90 days of eligibility)
  • Short-Term Disability Plan (apply within 90 days of eligibility)
  • Deferred compensation plans (you may be eligible for County 401(k) match)
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans:
    • If your work schedule is at least 64 hours per pay period, you are in the Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association (VCERA) retirement plan. VCERA will mail you plan information.
    • All other employees, except rehired annuitants and reserve firefighters, participate in the Safe Harbor Retirement Plan. The Plan will mail you benefit information and a beneficiary designation form.