Excluded Service


You may purchase additional retirement service credit if you have previous County or District service in a position excluded from VCERA membership, such as extra help/part time service prior to January 1, 1992, or a pre-membership period between June 30, 1979 and July 10, 1999. The retirement service purchased will be credited under the same retirement plan that you were in at the date of membership in VCERA. The cost to purchase this type of service is the total of contributions that you would have made to VCERA for the length of time being purchased (based on the contribution rate at your original date of membership in VCERA) applied to the aggregate compensation earned during the period you purchase, plus the interest that would have accrued on those contributions since the date of your membership.

All purchased County or District service is included in determining when you become vested in the retirement system, and also in determining when members meet the minimum eligibility requirements for retirement.

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