Death of a Retired Member


Retiree Death and Survivor Benefits

As a VCERA member, death and survivor benefits may be payable to your eligible surviving spouse, minor children, beneficiaries or estate. Death and survivor benefits depend on many different factors and can only be determined after a full review each member’s individual circumstances. This section provides a general description of benefits that may be paid upon the death of a member.


Retired Member Death

At the death of a retired member, there is a one-time benefit of $5,000 payable to the named beneficiary or estate. This benefit may be reduced for retirees with outgoing reciprocity and is not payable upon the death of a non-retiree receiving a monthly benefit or continuance benefit. An eligible surviving spouse or minor children may be eligible for a monthly benefit, depending on the retirement option elected at retirement.


Report a Death

Please accept our condolences for your loss. To notify VCERA, you may contact our office or submit the form below. Please notify VCERA as soon as possible.